How much rock mulch do we need to

Asked April 25, 2017, 11:49 AM EDT

How do we fix this error? 3 years ago, a rock mulch was put around our house to help fire-wise it. However, It's too shallow so it is over-grown with grass and unsightly.

Now, we plan to put up a 6X6" timber border and add some Cripple Creek 3/4" decorative rock to a depth or 3 to 4 inches. Should we remove the existing rock and put down plastic or ground cloth? Or should we leave the rock there and apply Round up to the existing grass? Are there other solutions or better ideas for fixing this error?

Chaffee County Colorado

1 Response

If you are not planning on planting in these beds, you can probably put down landscaping fabric, then 2-3 inches of rock on top. Otherwise, I would remove the rock/weeds, then install the fabric and rock. I NEVER recommend using plastic under mulch. It can cause an anaerobic (lack of oxygen) condition that is detrimental to plants or can cause odors which are unpleasant.

Either scenario will require periodic weeding...there is not a maintenance-proof system that I am aware of (there is a misconception that rock does not need weeding).