Pasture rental ?

Asked April 25, 2017, 10:18 AM EDT

What is a fair price to charge for grazing beef cattle?

Bradford County Pennsylvania

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Good Morning:

Prices really vary from one county to another and even one area of a county to another. Here in Bedford County, the cost might range from fee per acre to a fee per head per day. Fees might range from $30 to $50 per acre. Much of this depends on forage production in the pastures as well as access to watering systems and rotational grazing options. I know of some folks who only pay $10 per acre for a continuous grazing system. You could also consider the cost of hay and how much it would cost to feed a cow/calf pair for the summer if they only ate hay. Other options to consider would be who is responsible for checking the cattle on a daily basis.

Here is a link to a publication that can help you determine who is responsible for various aspects related to the pasture system.
This link covers rental agreements:
I would also recommend that you contact a few local farmers to find out what the rental rates are for cropland in your area. This can give you a base price to adjust.
I realize this doesn't specifically answer your question, but should give you some ideas on how to arrive at a fair price for the person renting the pasture as well as the person who owns the pasture ground.