tomato unidentifiable disease/disorder

Asked April 25, 2017, 10:14 AM EDT

i found this disease on tomato in south India-Andhra Pradesh. the tomato's are reduced in growth and new leaves are very small and curled. in the end they turn black and are very dry. on the stem black color even on leaves occurring. disease occurring very randomly but plant next to this really very healthy. can anybody help us to find out the disease.

Outside United States

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You have sent very limited information and I am not familiar with the growing conditions in India. You may have more than one issue with your tomatoes, since the leaves (new leaves are curling and turning black), stems (turning black) and fruit (tomatoes are small) are all affected. The problem could be environmental, chemical, or biological. If your city has a plant clinic or a knowledgeable nursery, you can take samples of the plant to get a more definitive diagnosis.

Since your other plants are not affected, you may want to consider just removing the sick plant and being more diligent with your remaining crop.

I wish you the best!