Baby slug infestations, please help!

Asked April 25, 2017, 10:00 AM EDT

I seem to have a huge baby slug infestation throughout the garden. They are everywhere! I seem to be having the biggest problem with the baby slugs in the garden. Secondarily on my roses with the rose slug (the greenish caterpillar things under the rose leaves). 1. The garden slug babies have taken over all my edibles, especially tender spring greens like the napa cabbage and brassica and peas, but pretty much everything and anything, shoot or sprout). One day they would be little holes, the next day nothing left. They eat even down the stems of pea shoots. All I have left are little sticks and skeletons in a days time. I set out beer traps, to no avail, I tried sprinkling baking soda, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, epsom salt. I would like to avoid chemicals, especially in my veggie garden where we harvest and eat raw. I don't recall any year having such a problem. Do you have advice on eradicating them? 2. Secondly, the rose slug infestation (caterpillar like creature) is in full force right now, making my rose leaves look terrible when the poor leaves have barely had a chance to sprout and unfurl! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Please put 'rose slugs' and 'slugs' in our website's search box at the top of our homepage. You will find plenty of help with your issues there.