Juniper trees

Asked April 24, 2017, 10:47 PM EDT

How do these trees mate? I was told the one tree releases pollen in the form of dust and then it lands on the other tree which becomes pollinated and then there is the next part which I am not sure of.. can you tell me if this is correct! I have seen puffs of dust on random trees in the juniper forest and wondered what this was??

Harney County Oregon

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Juniperus is dioecious, with female cones on separate plants than male cones. The dust you see is the wind-borne pollen.

Fruits are berry-like seed cones that are 6-10 mm in diameter and are red at immaturity. When mature, berry-like cones ripen from pale green to deep purple or bluish. Each cone has 2-3 seeds each which are dispersed when birds eat the berry-like cones. The fleshy scales are digested, while the hard seeds are passed through. In contrast to female cones, male cones are small and catkin-like.