carpet beetles

Asked April 24, 2017, 4:30 PM EDT

Thank you! I have an infestation of varied carpet beetles in my Lake Oswego, Oregon home. I have had the house and crawl space treated twice and still have the beetles. Question: is it correct that the varied carpet beetle could be present here because of a fall accumulation of deciduous tree leaves? I know they are coming into the house from the crawl space - no leaves there. What would another host be and what is the correct way to rid of my house of them?

Clackamas County Oregon

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Assuming that the insects were identified correctly, it's unnerving to realize how many different foodstuffs are on the dietary list for varied carpet beetles. The possibilities include woolen fabrics, carpets, furs, leather (and leather bindings), feathers, silk fabrics, dried plant products, also dead insects and spiders. So, when someone says the beetles are definitely coming from under the house, some sources jump to the top of the list, among them vertebrates, their nests and seed/food stashes, shed fur, as well as carcasses. (Is someone baiting rodents in the neighborhood?).

The best way to rid your house of carpet beetles is to locate, and remove, their food source(s). Because so many different items nourish carpet beetles, that search may require considerable detective work and ingenuity. If the source is connected to animals that entered the building, the next step will be to exclude further entry.

This information explains the management details and includes images of several different kinds of common carpet beetles – “Carpet Beetles”