Arena footing

Asked April 24, 2017, 11:43 AM EDT

I have a pond doen hill from arena with good grass I in between. Wonder what to add to make safe footing mix. Thinking stone dust base mixed with sand. Dillsburg pa

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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Think about --What do you want to achieve??

•Some prefer a soft arena, others a much firmer surface.
•All of us want to avoid a hard surface that can cause jarring injuries.
•Ideal surface provides good traction and, just as importantly, an even, consistent base.
•Cost, availability, and regional variation all are important factor.
There are many choices.

Sand alone with a good solid base is the--Gold Standard. Start with 2 inches depth (hard to remove). Over time, Sand will erode and compact, Sand is the cheapest materials.

•Size of sand grains affects dustiness, compaction, and water retention.
•Arena sand should be medium coarse (0.25-0.5 mm) and coarse grains (0.5-1.0 mm).
•Coarse sand will drain more easily than fine.
•Very fine particle sand is dusty when dry & compacts when wet.
Angular sand grains are preferable to round grains.

There are other sands other than river sand like Polymer-fused/wax-coated sand:
•Freeze & dust reduction no water needed
•High-tech polymer-fused sand footing

Each individual grain of sand is coated with a plastic polymer product. The coating is laminated on to the sand using a heat process, which makes it permanent. Very Expensive $$$>

•Lime stone sand or Blue stone, rockdust, limestone screenings, decomposed granite, white stone
•One grade size (uniform size)
•Good traction
•Drains well
•Get very Hard when dry
Well-graded material, packs for base