Trying to identify this perennial in my garden.

Asked April 23, 2017, 9:50 PM EDT

I would love to know which perennial this is in my current garden so that I can get more!! It has started coming out of the ground now and gets bigger every year (currently about 3" tall). It produces hardy flowers throughout the late spring until late October. I cut it to the ground after it completely wilts around the first hard frost. Thanks in advance!!!

Kent County Michigan

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This is called tall phlox. While I don't know the cultivar you have, when purchasing new ones, you should look for mildew resistance. Your second picture looks a bit like 'Glamour Girl' which Is a very nice choice. Also, phlox can reseed in the garden and become somewhat invasive. You can avoid this by clipping off the spent blooms (death heading) routinely. Happy gardening!

Just to make sure?

the two pictures are of the same
plant/bush. is glamour girl different
than tall phlox?

Since it it is invasive -
what is the best way to transplant some of it so to my back garden?


'Glamour Girl' is just one of hundreds of tall phlox cultivars. You can dig plants right now before they get too large and move if you like.