Asked April 23, 2017, 6:09 PM EDT

What kind of mulch do you recommend.? I have tried all kinds of mulch, and still my garden is full of weeds. Is there a best way to mulch the garden ? and what weeds can I keep for the critters in the area. ? Every year I have somebody put some mulch and they always have cans full of weeds, which also include mulch, so I would like a mulch that becomes soil, I had tried red mulch, shredded mulch, nuggets and last year I tried small nuggets, they look nice, but are very expensive. Thanks for any ideas.

Montgomery County Maryland

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It may be helpful to look at the attached publication from VA Tech on mulch and look at How To Mulch and Types of Organic Mulch

There is not one best mulch. You will have to consider how you use it. In general, organic mulches will decompose and become part of the soil. This is a great advantage, because this decomposition adds organic matter to your soil, helping the soil to better retain water and nutrients-giving you healthier plants. This means, however, that organic mulches will have to be replenished from time to time. Another use of mulch is to control weeds, and you can put it down now around your trees and shrubs.

How you mulch is important. Only use 2-3", and keep it away from the stems or base of your plants.