Improving drainage in the yard

Asked April 23, 2017, 12:07 PM EDT

I have two bare spots in my lawn. I think that it is due to poor drainage underneath these locations. I thought that I might mix some sand into the soil underneath these areas to improve the drainage. Do you have any other ideas to improve the drainage?

Clackamas County Oregon

1 Response

Thanks for your lawn drainage question. It would appear that your lawn problem is caused, at least in part, to too much water. There are several methods to change this, some more complicated (and expensive) than others. Here's a link to a short article on some of the alternatives.

The other thing that's difficult to see from the photos is the amount of sunlight your yard receives. If there's not enough sun, you will have moss invite itself in. Moss thrives where grass does not: water and shade. Draining the water will solve half of the problem, but many homeowners in the Pacific Northwest fight getting lawns 'perfect' year after year, when the shade factor continues. If draining it doesn't solve the 'ugly yard' problem, there are some lovely mosses you can plant that will feel right at home. And, voila, no mowing!

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!