Whats wrong with my Prairifire Crabapple tree?

Asked April 22, 2017, 9:49 AM EDT

Hello, In its first spring at our home in Isanti, my prairifire crabapple tree has branches that aren't budding on the ends? Can you help me with the problem and possible remedy? I did see a couple "spider webs" hanging off a branch or two. I've attached a few photos! Thank you for your help!

Isanti County Minnesota

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Hi and thank you for including great photos.

To me it seems like the new tree is leafing out well. There may be a small branch or two that don't come through winter and can be pruned off. Pruning correctly when the tree is young is also important to maintain nice branch structure.

I am including information about potential problems with your crabapple tree. Also make sure to keep new trees watered well during the summer months and make sure the tree is not planted too deep or mulched piled around the trunk.



Thank you for your response.

Should we mulch around new trees or not?

Thanks again,


I do recommend mulch. It is good to retain moisture and keep the mowers and trimmers away from the trunk. Bark damage is a big stress on trees. Just make it more of a donut so the mulch does not touch the trunk.