Huckleberries in zone 8b

Asked April 22, 2017, 9:29 AM EDT

Okay, seriously. What is the trick to growing evergreen huckleberries? I don't know anyone who has shrubs that are thriving in zone 8b. Do they just not grow at low elevation, and should I give up? I have a small plot i want to start under two very old doug firs because I figure, if I'm going to finally get some to grow, this is the spot. The tree canopy is high enough I could plant them in full side, part sun or more or less full sun. How should I choose the space? And what should I do, if anything, to prepare the soil?

Multnomah County Oregon

1 Response

Thank you for contacting Ask an Expert in regards to your huckleberries. Since the huckleberry plant is a bit difficult to grow properly – I'm not saying it cannot be done – I am going to forgo trying to detail the best instructions for proper cultivation. Instead, I am referring you to an informative pamphlet produced by the University of Idaho.

Hopefully, as you read through it and questions arise they will be answered as you read on. I believe this to be a great reference to add to your plant library. Should you need further assistance after reading the pamphlet you can either ask a new question and one of my colleagues will respond or if you prefer you may reply back to this message to correspond with me. Again, thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension Ask an Expert.