I have three old apple trees that I planted about 35 years ago that have...

Asked April 22, 2017, 12:21 AM EDT

I have three old apple trees that I planted about 35 years ago that have never had good apples. They are always small, malformed and full of worms. I have never sprayed them. This year they are particularly abundant in blossoms. If I wanted to try to get good apples from them what steps should I take? They are very large, standard-size trees.

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You are describing a fairly common situation. At this time of year, your best option will be to spray for common problems of apples in Ohio, like scab fungus and codling moth. Garden stores and farm supply stores will have products that will be effective for these problems, but it will be very important to carefully read all labels so you are certain you have the right chemicals and the right ways and timings for their use.

The internet links below will provide important things to think about and ways to work on making your older trees more productive for you.



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