Toads trapped!?! I don't want them to die!

Asked April 21, 2017, 7:19 PM EDT

I just found two toads in a window well, and I am afraid they won't be able to climb out. The window well has about 16 inch vertical aluminium sides. The two toads are both quite active (they fled quickly when I removed some trash from the well). I do not want to pick them up and put them elsewhere if its still to early for them to leave their hibernation home, but I don't want them to be trapped. Should I move them or is there something I can use, a board or branch, that they can climb up and out when they are ready? What can and would they climb up like a ramp? THANK YOU!!!


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In the spring it's quite common to find amphibians trapped in window wells, from which you are correct that they sometimes aren't able to climb out. They didn't necessarily hibernate in the window well (although they might have), but if you remove them and they want to be there then they will just go back. On the other hand, your suggestion of using a board or a branch that they can climb up as a ramp would probably work very well, I have done this myself a few times.

Thank you! I did cut a dogwood branch for use as a ramp and both of the toads are no longer in the window well! in fact, they were gone within 3 hours so they must have been ready to get out of there! Thank you again!

Great! Glad it worked out. They are surprisingly good climbers for such dumpy little animals.