identification of thyme for flag stone spaces on patio

Asked April 21, 2017, 5:30 PM EDT

Hi, In between the flagstones on my patio I have a couple varieties of creeping thyme...the one that I really like is very short, close to the ground, compact, keeps weeds out, ... the other type is taller, more bushy, makes the ground heave...weeds encroach... i am about to take out a bunch of the bigger stuff because it is dead. I would like to replace it with the more compact version but i don't know what it is called to order it.. and i can't tell from the photos on the web. I know I can divide up what i have already but would rather get some seeds...or plants... I have not been able to find the more compact version in the various garden centers i have looked for it...they always have the other variety, ( i think it is called mother of thyme, but not sure) I am attaching a photo with the two types next to each other...neither variety is completely green yet so maybe hard to tell from the foto.. Do you know what the small variety is called? Thanks Do you know what the smaller variety is called?

Wright County Minnesota

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Do you remember what color the flowers were last year? And what was the particular scent, did either have a lemony scent? I'm finding a few varieties common in Minnesota gardens:
wooly thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus) has a more purple flower
Elfin creeping thyme (Thymus praecox ‘Elfin’), purplish/pink blossoms
‘Doone Valley’ creeping thyme, more pink flowers;
Red Creeping Thyme Thymus praecox 'Cockiness with a more crimson/violet color

I know the colors are all similar somewhat, I would look up these varieties and see if you can find a match. Did you check with a local nursery in Wright County?