hosta seedlings-- when to plant in garden

Asked April 21, 2017, 2:20 PM EDT

I planted hosta seeds about the middle of February and the seedlings are about 1 1/2" tall. the seedlings are under a growth light. When should i transplant them to garden soil? Please give me some insight for transplanting the hosta seedlings I also have a question for planting elephant ear bulbs. The bulbs that I bought did not have directions for planting. The bulbs are showing an"apex"--is this pointed growth to be pointed upwards --or is this root growth? Thank you for your help Dave

Anoka County Minnesota

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While Hostas are sprouting up outdoors wait until temperatures are regularly at 50 degrees or above to transplant your seedlings. Prior to planting "harden" them off by placing outside during days with warmer temperatures. If you have rabbits in your yard be sure to protect the new seedlings with fencing until they are close to full size. I placed a link below for information on growing Hostas. Your Elephant Ear bulbs can be planted inside now. The growth is the plant and should be placed in the pot with it at the top outside of the soil.