Bean leaf 'blight'

Asked April 21, 2017, 10:06 AM EDT

We live at 9,000 ft in the mountains and have a greenhouse. I am new to greenhouse gardening. I have attached aphoto of a leaf condition I have just started to seen on my Kentucky wonder pole beans.

What is it and what can I do to treat and prevent?

thank you.
Joyce Omohundro

Fremont County Colorado

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It's really hard to tell from the photo, but it could be fungus or more likely a common bacterial blight. CSU does not have a fact sheet on bean disease, but Washington State University does. Please click this link and see if this looks like what you have.

I have forwarded your photo to Dr. Bartolo, CSU Vegetable Crop Specialist, to see if he recognizes what this is. I'll let you know if he has anything different.