Best time to spray poison oak?

Asked April 21, 2017, 10:01 AM EDT

We moved to Elmira and have found poison oak on the property. When is the best time to spray it and what product works best? Thank you so much for your help! Katie Bren

Lane County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about poison oak! There are effective treatment options for poison oak that is actively growing. If you have small areas, Crossbow is probably the most economical option, as it is readily available in containers down to one quart in size. Try to get your spraying done before hot weather sets in, as the active ingredients in Crossbow are volatile in hot weather. Glyphosate (the active ingredient in many RoundUp and similar generic products) can be used in the late summer and fall. One advantage of Crossbow is that it won't harm grasses when used according to label directions, but it will kill other broadleaf plants. Glyphosate kills both grasses and broadleaf plants. Here is a link to additional information about poison oak control options: