Evergreen needle loss & dying branches

Asked April 21, 2017, 8:44 AM EDT

Last summer one of my largest evergreens in a windbreak row has a section that is looking much different than the rest of the tree and there were a kind of moth in the area, Could this be infecting the tree and causing the problem? Is there any insecticide that can be topical sprayed onto the trees? Each year I do spray a miracid on the trees and have used Jobe's stick fertilizer. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Blue Earth County Minnesota

1 Response

Without knowing what is wrong with the tree, many things can cause dead branches and needle drop, it is not possible to know if the moth you saw is responsible. One would also need to know what kind of moth it is to determine if it might be responsible.
If your trees are planted too closely together branches can be shaded out. Pines also drop needles annually and needle drop peaks every three years. In general to keep your trees healthy make sure they get at an inch of water each week from spring thaw to fall freeze.