Fig tree growth and placement near fence.

Asked April 20, 2017, 8:30 PM EDT

Hello, I bought a celeste fig tree today. I heard it tends to grow smaller than turkey browns. The label says it grows up to 7-10 ft high and wide. I planted it in my fenced garden because I'm afraid an animal is going to chew it up. Last year I had a really young fig (less than 12 inches tall) and either a deer or rabbit obliterated it. I'm not sure how old this fig is but it is about 4 feet and quite bushy. Because it is in my fenced garden, it is two feet in front of a wooden fence, and about 3 feet to the left of another fence. It is also about 5 feet from my row of blackberries. This is the only space I have. Do you think the space is too small. Does the fig grow in a circular fashion from the root or does it grow against the wall (like more rectangular). Will the roots interfere with my blackberries. If the space is too small, I could plant it outside the fence but it will be about 7 feet from a row of raspberries. Will the raspberries interfere? Will the deer or rabbits get at the older fig branches? If I prune the tree, will it be able to keep it a size that can stay inside the fenced garden? Do the fig roots grow crazy? Thanks!!!

Howard County Maryland

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Given the size your fig tree longs to eventually be, we would give it as much room as possible so would go with outside the fence.
Deer generally leave figs alone, but if you are concerned with wildlife, for the first couple of years at least, we'd suggest getting some hardware cloth or wire fencing and making a circle around the plant to protect it during establishment.
Fig roots are not a problem for your placement near your raspberries, but as it grows tall, it could shade them. Pruning is possible, remembering that these fruit on new wood each year. Pruning will reduce your fig crop though.

Here is our page on figs- be sure to offer winter protection: