Plumb tree

Asked April 20, 2017, 4:31 PM EDT

I live in battleground, Wa. and am looking to plant several plumb trees. I find a lot of conflicting info. Italian, mirrabelle, methley, beauty, shiro are few I've read about. Methley sounds like a good choice being a hybrid. The list goes on and I would appreciate help narrowing it. Any recommendations. My soil is dense with a lot of clay and I'm on a south facing hill.

Clark County Washington plum trees

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Thanks for your question about plum trees. WSU has done a lot of research on plum trees, but mostly about diseases and insects. OSU has a good publication with recommended varieties for our part of the Pacific Northwest. We're in Area I; plums for that area are in Table 3 on page 6.

All of our native soil (along the Columbia River) is primarily clay. You can help your trees get established by adding organic material to the soil before you plant them. It will allow water to percolate through. Here's a link to an article about planting them (should wait until dormant season) and their care.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!