Peppers; transplanting

Asked April 20, 2017, 11:17 AM EDT

I started my peppers earlier than I should have; the weather was so nice it was impossible to resist. Now the plants are getting tall and spindly & need to be transplanted; when I do can I bury the stem as one does with tomato's? Thank you Steve.

Itasca County Minnesota peppers

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Planting Peppers

Hi Steve,
That is a good question. I've sent links to two studies done that show it is ok and may benefit the plant to plant it deeper but at this time the UofMN pepper information recommends planting at existing soil level.

Perhaps you can do a test to see how the results will vary for you if you plant one deep and one at soil level? I do know they do not grow roots from the stem as well as tomatoes plants.

Thanks for the response, I found the U of Mass & the Hortsci pdf files helpful. In the Hortsci file they clearly showed that planting depth will influence yield; at least in Florida for bell pepper varieties. I downloaded both of those to my hard drive; the U of Minn info was not very helpful.
Last fall I was at the open house at the Ag School here in Grand Rapids, they are doing trials there on peppers; so they may have something in the future about growing peppers in Northern climates. Thanks this has been helpful to me. Steve.

Hi Steve,
Glad you reached out the the Master Gardeners. It's always interesting for me to see how the horticulture industry is testing new methods. I will pass these newer studies info along to the U of MN as it looks like we could update our information soon.