washed out grass seed

Asked April 20, 2017, 7:51 AM EDT

I have seeded 3 places in my yard with good grass seed and nugget fertilizer in heavy soil. Loosened soil beforehand, and most of the seed was exposed. Rains have washed out seed, pooling it low places. Seed has been in for average of week. Can I just re-rake seed to more evenly distribute, or should I start from scratch, prepare soil, and re-seed?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I don't think it is necessary to start from scratch, but you may have to reseed areas where the seed washed away. Put down some light mulch (light sprinkling of compost, or, better still, some weed-free straw) to prevent the seeds from washing away. In the cool weather, the seeds might take a couple of weeks to germinate.