Deer, need I say more?

Asked April 19, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

What is the best way, and I know there are many out there, to rid one's self of deer? I'm a native Ashland Kentuckian that has recently move back home after 40 years from Central Texas. When I left Ashland there were no deers here in town. Now it's as if I never left Texas, the deer population in Ashland has exploded. Any other ideas except for a 12 foot fence?
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Boyd County Kentucky

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This is a tough one, especially since you live in the city of Ashland, where there are more restraints than 'in the county'. In town, exclusion or repelling them are the two options you have. You mentioned a high fence, and that is an option, however, if you tried to put one that tall up, the city may frown upon that, as well as your neighbors. A different type of fencing may be effective. If you live in a location where there are no children running around, an electric fence can be effective. If you choose this route, make strips of aluminum foil about 1 inch wide and a foot long. Twist one end, about 2-3 inches, around the electric fence and put peanut butter on the other end. Deer really like the peanut oil in the peanut butter. They will come up to lick it off. When they wrap their tongue around the foil to get the peanut butter, they will get a shock and after a time or two will not be eager to come back around the fence again. Another option is to erect a fence, say about 3-4 foot tall, material of your choice. Then on the outside of the fence, attach woven wire to the fence and angle it down to the ground at about a 45 degree angle. Deer do not have good depth perception. The angled fence messes with it even more and after getting tangled up a few times, tend to stop trying to defeat the fencing. Another method that I have used is high test fishing line. YOu can puy post in the ground and instead of fencing, strech 100 lb. test fishing line between them. Since deet are active mostly at night, they ao not see the line and walk into it. Again, after a few times, this can dissuade them from trying to eneter your property by that route. If you are only looking at getting them to leave your plants alone and not eat them, you can make a spray containing egg whites and capsaisin, chili pepper extract, or hot pepper flakes. Deer do not like the smaell of egg whites and do not like to eat anything hot, they seems to be very sensitive to the heat. We also have a list of plants that deer do not like to eat and can be crown very succesfully in the landscape. But they do seem to like most vegetables and blooming flowers. If you would like top discuss this further, please give me a call at the Boyd County Extension Office at 739-5184. Good luck.