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Asked April 19, 2017, 3:20 PM EDT

when is the best time to ariate and reseed your lawn in West bloomfield? Also is there anything I can do to prevent my dog from killing the grasswhen she urinates.?

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Core aeration helps improve drainage and rooting, especially in high clay content soils. Aeration only needs to be done annually unless the soil is heavily compacted or if there is a heavy layer of thatch (over an inch) that would warrant aerating twice a year. Spring or fall are the best times to core aerate, so from mid-April through late-May when the soils are not overly wet or dry you can plan to do a core aeration. Doing a core aeration prior to reseeding may help insure good seed to soil contact. Normally seeding is best done in the fall, but for light repair or thicker turf, spring reseeding can be done mid to late April for the best results.

It is difficult to control damage where the dog urinates unless you block a specific area of your yard for the dog's use. If the dog has the run of the lawn, then keep an eye on where she urinates and hose the area down as soon as possible to dilute the urine. Also, be sure your dog is getting adequate water which may also dilute the urine so it is less damaging.