Are old asparagus crowns OK?

Asked April 19, 2017, 3:08 PM EDT

I bought a lot of one year old asparagus crowns last Spring, and long story short, did not get around to planting them. They have been in a cool cellar for a year, wrapped up in newspaper. Do you think they would still be viable? Am trying to decide whether to give them a shot, or just throw in the towel and buy new ones. My fear is that if I try them and they don't grow, I will be too late to find crowns this year. Thanks!!

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1 Response

It's doubtful that the crowns are still viable. We would recommend buying fresh crowns and getting them planted soon. Here is our website's Grow It Eat It profile on asparagus:

You could try rehydrating the old crowns in moist newspapers or a bucket of water, but success is unlikely. On the off chance that one revives, you can always plant it among your new crowns.