bare root white pine planting

Asked April 19, 2017, 10:21 AM EDT

If we don't have great soil....when we dig the hole for a bare root white pine what type of dirt can we buy to fill in around the bare root? We didn't know if a potting soil mix would be ok or if there are fertilizers or such in there that would be hard on the seedling.

Are things like root growth supplements or stimulators useful? If so is there a particular product or ingredients we should be looking for?

thank you

Dakota County Minnesota

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The best amendment to use when planting trees in poor soil is compost or topsoil. This should not be used to fill the entire hole around the plant but rather at the bottom of the hole. Use soil dug out of the hole to fill the remaining space. Below is a link to an article from the University of Minnesota on tree planting.