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Asked April 19, 2017, 1:26 AM EDT

I had a painful bite approximately one year ago. I felt like my finger was hit by a hammer and then had a strange full body feeling. My finger swelled up immediately, turned red and purple. It took several weeks to get back to normal. I was left with a small white hard spot under the skin where the bite or sting occurred. This week I was using some garden shears to cut branches for an hour or two which caused a lot of pressure on the finger. I woke up the next morning with a swollen, red and purple finger, without the pain of last year. Question...was there venem contained within the white scar tissue and the pressure expressed the poison out? Any ideas what type of critter might have caused this? Thanks!
Background...the bite or sting occurred in March of 2016. I used my hands to push off a wooden picnic table close to the beach in San Clemente, CA. I think my fingers wrapped under the seat momentarily when the "hammer" hit. 2 after one year plus, the swelling is down. Still have some redness. White dot is still under the skin.
Thanks again.

Orange County California

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We at eXtension are not qualified to answer medicallly related questions, sorry! I suggest that you contact your family physician for a better answer.

Thanks for your response Clyde. I am interested in the critters in my environment. The only clues to this animal that my finger came into contact with are the pain, swelling, white dot, discoloration and delayed reaction. I am not seeking medical advice but rather, wondring if insects can be identified by the "damage" they do. I am just curious about the animals I am living with. Thank you.

It it difficult, if not impossible to diagnose a critter based on the appearance of the bite. Even one that appears to be obvious (brown recluse spider for example), isn't that easily diagnosed and can be confused with other problems, including infections. The primarily reason for this is that each person reacts differently to arthropod bites/stings. One person may react to a sting with very little pain and/or swelling; where someone else reacts with extreme pain, warm/hot swelling, and even breathing problems. I don't think your white spot contains venom. I have never read anything to suggest such a possibility. The white spot is more likely your body's reaction to the original sting. The work you did may have re-aggravated the original injury and thus the swelling reaction. We are now getting close to medical opinions and I am not qualified to go further. For more details about the critters in your area that are capable of causing such a sting reaction, I suggest that you contact your local extension office. I looked this up on the internet and found the following: Good luck!

Thank you Clyde!