Too Late for Grapevine trimming?

Asked April 18, 2017, 2:53 PM EDT

Hi, I'm living in a house with some crazy grapevines. We started renting in the fall. They put out some good fruit last year and I don't know if they had been trimmed. They are all over the place and I thought I should trim them back, but am I too late? Also, can you suggest a good resource on how much to trim back? The homeowners seem interested in letting them grow bigger than a classic vineyard-style wire as they seem to have been trained onto an eight-foot fence.

Benton County Oregon grapes

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Thanks for your question about grapevine pruning. In answer, you are too late if you care about having fruit this year, since grapevines put flowers (and then fruit) on one-year growth. If you cut off the buds, you won't have grapes until next year.

Here's a link to a similar question and another to a complete article on the subject, referenced in the first.

(By the way, from the viewpoint of a retired lawyer, you might want to discuss your plans with your landlord, since they are, technically, his/her vines!)

Hope this is helpful. Good luck.