Steep slope hslf sunny half shade.

Asked April 18, 2017, 11:31 AM EDT

back yard has a slope . the house faces wesr so the slope gets the morning sun. The slope is approx. 150 feet long and the width varies from 25 to 40 feet. the degreee of slope varues from 15 degrees to probably 40 degrees. Last fall we went the whole area and hand picked virtually all the weeds trying to get as many of the roots as possible. I'm disabled and unable to maintain this area the last couple years =/ We would like to put some type of ground cpver that is short in height and will maintain the soil. Beyond the back edge of this area it drops off to an old RR r bed and the Vermilion river.

Dakota County Minnesota ground cover for shade and slope

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You probably would do best with low grow fescue or native grasses. Here is a link to a publication with various suggestions. You will have to make some decisions: