mildew on cherry tree leaves

Asked April 17, 2017, 4:49 PM EDT

I had mildew problems last fall on my cherry tree. I did not treat it, but am wondering if there is any prep work that I need to do this spring to circumvent the infection. The leave debris is removed. I do have chips underneath the tree. I will be adding new chips in May. Thank you

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Although raking up leaf debris is a good idea, powdery mildew in cherries overwinters in the buds. The spores are released at budbreak. Fortunately, powdery mildew is not typically a serious problem in Minnesota, so we don't recommend further treatment, such as fungicides, unless your tree has a serious infection several years running. Read here about powdery mildew:

Wood chips are a good idea, but make sure they don't touch the trunk of the tree. Keep them several inches away, and use them to mulch out to the dripline.