Insect spray for apple trees.

Asked April 17, 2017, 4:25 PM EDT

Every year my not sprayed apples have scabs or worms. They are huge apples and I can cut around the blight and little apple worm to make a pie, but a pain. My 2 trees have buds that have not yet opened and no leaves yet. What spray can I use on my trees to have them look like I bought them at my grocery store.

St. Clair County Michigan

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Apple scab is a disease that infects the leaves and fruit early in the season. scab sprays usually start as the leaves emerge in the spring. You can buy the correct fungicides in most garden stores.
You will also see tree fruit mix sprays. These sprays contain both an insecticide and a fungicide. These sprays are used after bloom to control insects and diseases. There are several insects that attack apples and the emerge multiple times during the year. If you have codling moth you will need to spray in early June and July. Generally you will need to apply 2 sprays about a week apart.
To control apple maggot, t you generally need to spray after rains in July and August,
You should follow the fruit updates posted for Southeast Michigan on the Fruit and Nut page, These are posted every Tuesday and will give you an idea of what pests and diseases are attacking fruit