Growing microgreens with fourth graders

Asked April 17, 2017, 3:39 PM EDT

Can we safely grow quality microgreens using standard garden seeds (such as Burpee radishes) or should we be buying specialty microgreen seed mixes from a supplier such as Johnny's Selected Seeds? I am looking for specific, documented studies with published results. If there is no specific data to support any of this, that would be very helpful as well. Thanks.

Houston County Minnesota

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There should be no reason that you can't grow microgreens in your classroom if you have good light or grow lights. Again you should be able to have greens using regular seeds but may find that some things are easier to seed and work with if they are pelleted. I can't really find any documented accounts about it but did find this and wonder if you couldn't contact this school to see if you could talk with the person in charge of this project. She would probably be able to offer some suggestions and insight.

Seeds that are packaged for gardening are sometimes treated with chemicals so they would not be recommended for edible sprouts or micrgreens.

Rather, use seeds that are packaged as food. This can include sprouting seed that is generally about the same price as garden seeds only you'll get many more seeds for the money. They are usually available at health or bulk food stores.

Dried beans from the grocery would also be acceptable for sprouting. Try garbanzo or sunflower seeds (billed or not).