Edible Mushroom?

Asked April 17, 2017, 3:14 PM EDT

Hello, I have these mushrooms growing all over a decaying maple chip pile. I was wondering if they are edible. I looks like other animals have been feeding on them. Is there someplace I can take a sample and have an expert look at them? Thanks, Doug

Marion County Oregon

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This may be the spring fruiting of Agrocybe praecox, common on wood chips in the spring. Agrocybe praecox has a cracked or fissured cap and a membraneous veil connecting the young cap to the stalk. If it is this mushroom, it will develop gills that start out pallid in color and become brownish in age.

I suggest that you go to a library and look this fungus up. The book "Mushrooms Demystified" would be a good choice. Also check out this link to Agrocybe praecox in "California Fungi": http://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Agrocybe_praecox.html

I won't advise edibility without closely examining the mushroom. I don't know of any places that you can bring the mushroom to have it examined.