planting cannas

Asked April 17, 2017, 1:52 PM EDT

I removed our cannas last fall after they died off in the fall. I washed them off and allowed to dry a few days before storing in a box with newspaper in my garage. When should I be getting them back in the ground? Also, some have developed a white "fuzz" in storage. Are these salvageable and if so, should the fuzz be removed before planting?

Berks County Pennsylvania

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The white fuzz that you see is mold. If the canna tubers were stored in an area that was warmer than 60 degrees or in a damp spot, mold will form. Examine your canna tubers. If they are very soft or mushy, then the tubers are too rotten to save. If you feel the tubers are firm, wipe off the white mold and then dust the tubers with a fungicide powder.

Here's a link to additional information on digging and storing cannas:

Cannas are a tropical plant and love warm , sunny weather. You can replant your cannas in late May after all danger of frost has passed.

I hope that your cannas rebloom beautifully for you!