Carpet Beatle Reaction?

Asked April 17, 2017, 1:38 PM EDT

Hello, I woke Saturday morning after an itchy night with 40 "bites", itchy welts all over my abdomen and back. A week prior I spent the night at my mother's house. Upon return to my home, the unpacked suitcase was in my foyer until my husband dumped it's contents onto our bed last Saturday. So, the contents of the suitcase were dumped on the bed the evening that I was attacked. We cannot find any sign of bed bugs but when I asked my mom to look in her house she found carpet beatles on the bed that I slept in. Any idea what is happening? Is i possible to have a reaction to carpet beatles 6 days later? or do you think that I carried some of the larvae into my own home? Thank You

Montgomery County Maryland

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We can't say if you were bitten or by what. It sounds like an allergic reaction, which could be to a bite, or sensitivity reaction. For carpet beetles, they don't bite, but their larval shed skins can be prickly/irritating to some people. Don't be concerned that you brought them home, as they are not hard to control.
Here is our page about Carpet Beetles:

If it were bedbugs, you wouldn't find them hanging out in the bed. They hide in cracks around bedrooms.Here is information about them: Their bites can show up belatedly.

Spiders are another, though unlikely possibility. They don't bite multiple times, but they would leave 2 fang marks that a dermatologist could see.

Finally, there are multiple things that can cause the feeling of being bitten, but are in fact attributable to something else. Again a dermatologist can help parse that out. Here is a pamphlet from Penn State which helps understand that: