Unusual fungi identification

Asked April 17, 2017, 3:32 AM EDT

I live in the city, I have this old motorhome outside my house, recently a couple months back a hole was made in the top of the motorhome to gain access to open a locked door, but the hole was not covered and there was a lot of weather over the months, so recently looking for my cat I went into the motorhome, and upon inspection I noticed a large amount of this strange fungi on the floor, it is kinda orange and thin , I do not know what to do and I wanna know what I should do and what the fungi is , thank you in advance

Polk County Oregon fungus

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The fungus is a species of Peziza, probably Peziza domiciliana.

It is not known to be harmful.

Removing the fruiting bodies and either thoroughly drying or removing the rug will solve the problem.

thank you Steve I will proceed to do so :)