Fox predation

Asked April 16, 2017, 4:33 PM EDT

Every evening, night, morning we have various foxes in the 'garden' part of the yard. It is separated by a 42" chain link fence. Our 12 pound dog barks long & loud as she can until it goes over the privacy fence. The only crops there are asparagus & milk weed. No clear evidence of entry or fox activity, except its indecision and leaving. Concerned if foxes will harm vigilant dog. Thanks! in Arapaho e County. Are there any herbs, spices, etc. that will repell them?

Arapahoe County Colorado wildlife damage management

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In the garden area, the fox are probably looking for mice or voles. They might be looking for a den site. If you work the garden area they will realize it is a poor location for them. At 12 pounds the dog is a little large for a fox, but there are exceptions. A fox may attack the dog if it were being chased or was cornered. I am including the URL to a fact sheet on foxes. The fact sheet may have additional information that can help you. After looking it over if you have questions get in touch with your Arapahoe County Extension Office or eXtension. (Foxes)

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