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Asked April 15, 2017, 7:53 PM EDT

Do gardens attract bears in the Colorado mountains? Is it safe to grow a garden in bear country?

Park County Colorado

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Hi, Thanks for your question.
Yes, it can be very dangerous to grow a garden in bear country.
First check with Parks & Wildlife to see where the bear dangers exist. If moderately low to low risk, install bear deterrents, ie: electric fence, light, etc-- see our CSU fact sheets. Then remember that in years when the bears natural food supply is short--- they will hunt out your supply. At those times, nothing will be off limits. Parks & wildlife can help with this too. Hope this helps.

Hi Deborah,

thanks for your reply. Can you please give me the link to the fact sheets you mentioned in your reply?

Also, is it safe to grow flowers in bear country?


Good morning!

Yes, Flowers are just fine. The list for mountain gardening and all Fact Sheets are located at:
Once you get to the home page, just search for: mountain gardening or whatever you'd like to know about.