Best cherry varieties for the Oregon Coast (Newport).

Asked April 15, 2017, 7:42 PM EDT

I would like to plant 3 cherry trees and am asking about 3 good cross-pollinators for the coast as well. Rainier is my favorite cherry, could it be one of them?

Lincoln County Oregon

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Rainier is not one of the sweet cherry varieties recommended by Oregon State University Extension for the Oregon coast. Neither are two of Rainier's suggested pollinators (Lapins and Sweetheart).

The following link will take you to the Oregon State Univ Extension publication EC 819 - Growing Tree Fruits and Nuts in the Home Orchard.
You will note in Figure 1 of this publication, the coast is identified as Area IV. In Table 3, the recommended varieties for Area IV are Bada, Stella, Compact Stella, and Lambert.