All Our Ivy Died

Asked April 14, 2017, 4:57 PM EDT

Ivy has benn a ground cover for around 50 yrs. around our house. Some in a wooded area next to our home, some in our back yard,and some down our walkway. Most of it is quite shaded, but some of it gets a decent amount of sun. It was a very large part of our landscaping. Last summer some of it died, but this year ALL of the ivy is gone. We are wondering---What might have killed so much ivy? Is it safe to plant some other ground covering in the area or does the soil need to be treated?

Baltimore Maryland

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If there is any ivy left, we would like to see digital photos of the groundcover that you are referring to. Send photos of the bed and affected foliage and attach to this reply. We are assuming you may be referring to English Ivy.

If so, here is some general information.
The ivy could have declined due to possible winter damage, poor site conditions, or fungal diseases. If the bed was neglected and filled with old debris like accumulated leaves, this can promote fungal diseases and the ivy can decline.

If you are referring to English Ivy, this vine is invasive and we do not recommend planting it. If planted near natural areas such as woods or parks it can grow and affect native plant habitat. If allowed to grow up trees it can produce flowers and berries which can be spread by birds.
You also have the opportunity to replant with another groundcover or low growing shrub. Matching the plant to the site - sun versus shade. You do not need to treat the soil. However, you should test the soil for pH and nutrient deficiencies before replanting.