Anthracnose infected tree removed, questions about a replacement tree

Asked April 14, 2017, 11:41 AM EDT

Hi, I recently removed an infected ash tree, it had Anthracnose for 20 years or more. I'd really like to replace it with another shade tree in the same location (it shades our house) and I am wondering about the odds of the replacement tree becoming infected. I am thinking about an Autumn Blaze Maple (fast growing, relatively hardy, no mess, etc.). I see that the ash and maple trees are infected by a different fungal pathogen according to a table on this website. Does that imply that the change in tree species might prevent reinfection in that location? Thanks for any info you can shed on that subject. Steve 612.240.8878

Hennepin County Minnesota

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A change in tree species will help however, success will require a resistant species. Maple are susceptible to anthracnose. If any of the trees that are resistant in the fact sheet referenced appeal to you one of them would be the best choice.