my spruce trees are dying, help !!

Asked April 14, 2017, 9:03 AM EDT

Hello; I have several mature spruce trees that over the past few years have been dropping needles and small branches. It seems to start from the center of the tree and work it's way out until all needles turn brown, drop and tree dies. I have attached a few pics, any ideas on what it is and how to treat would be appreciated. thank you for your help, Karl Felsheim

Dauphin County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs needle cast

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Your tree is a Douglas fir. It has a fungal disease called Rhabdocline needle cast. It may also have another called Swiss needle cast. Your tree has lost a lot of foliage (needles) and I don't think it will recover. However, you could hire a landscape company to spray for the pathogen. The first treatment needs to be applied now.