Best Trees for sandy soil

Asked April 13, 2017, 2:11 PM EDT

Good afternoon my name is Aaron and I own 10 acres of land but it's all sandy soil. I need some fast growing trees and I was looking at the American Sycamores or the Pin oaks but not sure how well they do in my soil. Any suggestions?

Anoka County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. Pin oaks should do well in your area but are susceptible to oak wilt and sycamore is less certain since they are little used and our data is limited on how they do in a variety of situations. For more tree varieties that might be very useful to you check out this publication: You will find spreadsheets of suggested trees, trees of limited use, and trees suggested to try such as the sycamore. Notes are included which sometimes list growth rates. If you find other trees that appeal to you but growth rate isn't listed, Google it to learn more. Speed of growth is a relative thing depending on soil, weather, pests, proper planting, early tree care and so on.
Be sure to pick trees that at maturity fit the space allotted for them and remember to think about any overhead power lines.

Read this link to learn how to best care for newly planted trees: Large transplants will take longer to establish than smaller trees so be sure that you have a plan for frequent watering for a number of years.

Good luck researching trees and best wishes,