Apple trees, bark looks bad, fire blight?

Asked April 13, 2017, 1:42 PM EDT

We have 14 apple trees. A few of them have bark that looks like it's peeling and one looks somewhat blackened. Last year we got rid of one tree thinking it had fire blight. Can you tell by these photos if the trees are alright? Is there something we should be using to protect them from whatever is going on? Should we be applying something like copper sulfate? We use oil of Neem on the trees.

Dakota County Minnesota

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I strongly recommend having an arborist look at your trees and/or send a sample of the canker and the ooze to the plant disease clinic as soon as possible. The sloughing bark looks to be another problem.
Your trees look like they have cankers and a correct diagnosis is going to be important for the best treatment. 14 trees would be a great loss.