How do I get rid of voles?

Asked April 13, 2017, 10:13 AM EDT

I think I have voles. Small holes are appearing all over my front yard. (a few in the back, but not as many). Many seem to be concentrated close to the house. And now I have numerous shrubs that are dying, and when I touch them, they fall over and I see they have no roots. I have tried mouse traps and mouse baits, but it does not seem to be having any effect. The one pest control company I called so far, said they could not help with voles, and the holes were too small for rats.

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These do look like vole holes, and the rootless shrubs sounds like vole damage. You apparently have a large colony, which can be very destructive.
Please put 'voles' into our website search box and read the information. If you have a lot of voles, use a lot of snap traps. Experiment with baits (not poison). Try the baits we suggest, plus others. One fellow had good success with cotton balls soaked in marashino cherry juice! This website has more bait ideas:

Trap placement is important. You'll notice that the vole holes go into the ground at an angle. The traps should be placed so that the bait is the first thing the vole encounters as it emerges from the hole--bait end goes closest to the hole at the side of the hole where the tunnel slopes upward.