Soil testing for herbicides and Pesticides

Asked April 12, 2017, 12:05 PM EDT

There is currently a Christmas tree farm on land my clients wish to purchase. They would like to have the soil tested for herbicides and/or pesticides. Who should they contact for this kind of testing. The trees will be removed on or before 2020. They would like to know how long these kinds of contaminants would remain in the soil. Thank you. Judy Gibson, Coldwell Banker Valley brokers 541-740-8938.

Benton County Oregon

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There are many labs that will test for pesticides (herbicides included) and the attached web link lists many that can test -
Be aware that there are 100's of pesticides, each with a different decomposition profile and any test would need to know what specific pesticide to test for.
Another option, since there seems to be 3 years remaining in lease? would be to have a discussion with the grower regarding what pesticides are being used and see if it possible to use those with shorter residuals.