Moss control on aggregate patio

Asked April 11, 2017, 1:38 PM EDT

I have unsightly moss build up on my aggregate patio. Please see photos. Not thick, but quite discolored. I bought some Moss B Ware, which is zinc sulfate monohydrate in a powder. I am wondering whether this is a safe product for this surface, and will not stain it. If not, what would you recommend? If so, would you recommend shaking it on from the carton, or using a garden sprayer? If sprayer, how would you dilute it to be effective but not precipitate in the sprayer and its hose? I assume if this process is safe for aggregate, it would also bed safe for asphalt driveway, where my moss is thicker. Any advice would be helpful. The more the better. Thanks in advance for your help. Sid Green. Salem

Marion County Oregon

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Attached is the safety data sheet. Normally granules are sprinkled on. This product can be toxic to animals and pets and this will be down where it can be ingested. The safest way to remove it is to pressure wash it, if your surface will hold up to pressure washing.

Thank you so much for your help. I am still wondering, though, if the product, used appropriately, will stain or discolor the aggregate patio or black asphalt driveway.

It can stain the brick. It will also need to applied every couple of years and it can harm any surrounding lawn or flower beds.