European Hazelnut trees providing both hazelnuts and truffles

Asked April 10, 2017, 11:34 AM EDT

Hi I want to grow hazelnuts and truffles. I currently have 4 Male, European Hazelnut trees. They are at least 5 years old. I understand that I need to buy Female Hazelnut trees. 1) Must they be European Hazelnut trees or could they be American Hazelnut trees? 2) I'd like to buy 3-4 old trees, where would I buy them? I understand I need to watch out for blight with the European Hazelnut trees but the nuts are tastier. I'm also curious what it would take to get my trees to produce truffles.

Anne Arundel County Maryland nut hazelnuts and truffles

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Nuts don't grow very well in Maryland, and we don't recommend them..
In addition, we don't recommend growing European Hazelnut due to the problems with filbert blight.
There is some work being done on raising disease resistant cultivars. Here is the work being done at Rutgers University:

We don't do work here in Maryland on truffle production, but it is done by inoculating the roots.
this University of Kentucky has the details: