Mosquito breeding in eaves trough extensions.

Asked April 10, 2017, 10:56 AM EDT

I have several 10 to 15 foot extensions for my downspouts, made of corrugated black plastic about 4" in diameter. I suspect the corrugations allow pools of water in which mosquitos can breed. Is this true? If so, how can I prevent the mosquitos from breeding? I have never seen any non-corrugated eaves trough extensions, but perhaps they exist. Do you know of any non-corrugated extensions I could buy? Is there any kind of chemical or other product that I could pour in to these extensions to prevent the mosquitos from breeding in them? Would it have to be replaced after every rain? Thanks in advance

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Are the gutter extensions perforated all along their length?
If not, you can secure a fine mesh like pantyhose to the end of the extension to keep mosquitoes out.